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What is Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats from of Fish Oil responsible for the overall wellness, including heart, brain, joint, eye, improving blood circulation, improving immune system, improving brain health & mood health of men and women.  

Fish oil primarily contains two types of omega-3 fatty acids — EPA and DHA which are components of cell membranes and have powerful anti-inflammatory functions within the body. 

In the human diet, EPA and DHA are almost exclusively found in fatty fish and fish oil. Therefore, taking CRATUS OMEGA -3 FISH OIL is recommended for everyone who is looking to gain enormous health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids


‘CRATUS Omega 3 Fish Oil’ is Triple Strength and has an highly efficient, recommended & therapeutically correct  3:2 ratio of EPA:DHA. ‘CRATUS Omega 3 Fish Oil’ has 1000mg of Fish oil + 600mg EPA + 400mg DHA. 

‘CRATUS Omega 3 Fish Oil’ uses MOLECULARLY DISTILLED Fish Oil which is different and premium from other Omega 3 Fish Oil brands. 

Normal Crude fish oil has a lot of gunk. Gunk that we don’t like or need!!  No doubt Fish Crude Oil has Omega-3, the good stuff, but it also has a pinch of mercury and a dash of industrial contaminants like PCB and Dioxins. The best way to remove pollution from fish oil is to use MOLECULAR DISTILLATION. In Molecularly Distilled fish oil, the crude oil is placed under extreme vacuum where it is possible to “boil” the oil at very low temperatures. The contents of the oil are boiled off separately based on their molecular weight.

Everything is purified molecule by molecule. The nasty mercury molecules stay in one place and the healthy Omega-3 in another. Now we have pure, concentrated fish oil & No Gunk - which we use in CRATUS Omega 3 Softgels !!!!

With CRATUS Omega 3 – Triple Strength & MOLECULARLY DISTILLED Fish Oil, you get very high purity of Omega-3 & the benefits of a super-concentrated dose of Omega-3 are priceless


  1. OVERALL WELLNESS: Consuming ‘CRATUS Omega 3 Fish Oil’ has enormous health benefits including improving overall wellness, heart health, brain development, strengthens joint, eyesight, blood circulation, weight loss and mood health of men and women. EPA and DHA, specifically from fatty fish or fish oil, have been shown to help prevent and manage a variety of chronic diseases and support optimal development throughout the lifecycle.

  2. ‘CRATUS Omega 3 Fish Oil’ uses MOLECULARLY DISTILLED fish oil making it one of the purest form of Fish Oil with more Concentrated Dose & More Omega-3 per pill. 

  3. ‘CRATUS Omega 3 Fish Oil’ uses MOLECULARLY DISTILLED fish oil making it free from mercury and a dash of industrial contaminants like PCB and Dioxins normally present in Fish Oil.

  4. ‘CRATUS Omega 3 Fish Oil’ has 3:2 Highly Efficient, Effective & Recommended EPA/DHA Ratio

  5. ‘CRATUS Omega 3 Fish Oil’ has Triple Strength - 1000mg Fish Oil + 600mg EPA + 400mg DHA

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