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What is Biotin

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin found in oatmeal, vegetables, and soy. As part of the B-Family of vitamins  and also known as Vitamin B7, Biotin dissolves in water thus cannot be stored in the body. Biotin is also a vital micronutrient for healthy body functions as it helps concert food into energy.  Biotin combined with other vitamins, minerals & Antioxidants helps support healthy hair, skin and nails. 

How does it work?
BIOTIN supports the production of Fatty Acids and Cell Growth which can increase nail strength, nail growth and the bulb size of your hair follicle helping hair to appear fuller. Just like we have to take health supplements to keep our bodies, joints, muscles healthy we also need some vital nutrients to keep our skin, hair and nails healthy & beautiful. These are the 3 most important body parts which define the outer beauty of a person. 


‘CRATUS Biotin Growth Formula’ is an advanced & ideal blend of Biotins, Vitamins, Minerals, Aminoacids, Antioxidants, Marine Collagen & Essential Beauty Blend Nutrients for healthy Hair, Nail and Skin. ‘CRATUS Biotin Growth Formula’ is formulated to deliver the beauty from within and to complement skin, hair and nails with a range of micronutrients into the targeted optimal nutrition. ‘CRATUS Biotin Growth Formula’ works by delivering nourishment via bloodstream to the deepest levels of dermal layer of hair, skin and nails where most creams and conditioners are unable to reach. Biotin in ‘CRATUS Biotin Growth Formula’ Not only that it helps you avoid brittle nails and give you strong & long nails always. Antioxidants in ‘CRATUS Biotin Growth Formula’ like Grape Seed extract & Beta Carotene helps you maintain a glowing skin always and various other minerals enhance the skin texture. 

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